Say Goodbye to Boring Advertising – It’s Time to Wear Your Brand with Pride

As a business, you want as many people to find you and contact you. While billboards, TV commercials, magazine ads and other print mailings are a proven way to advertise, it’s a costly avenue to take, especially if you want to make it more effective by doing longer campaigns.

These types of marketing efforts are sometimes necessary; however, in today’s oversaturated market, a smart business person understands that the biggest solution isn’t always the best one.

Going for a simpler, more direct marketing effort can provide the best results, such as with t-shirts showing your brand.

Advertising your business on clothing is effective, as it reaches more than just a finite number of people – your name, logo, and message travel as far as the person wearing the apparel.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should put your business name on clothing:

In any given day, a printed t-shirt can be seen by a remarkable number of people, so a one-time advertising investment can reach thousands of people continuously. When it’s time for a new shirt style or your logo or message changes, you know you only need to invest a few dollars per t-shirt, and your moving advertisement is live again.

Besides the “walking billboard” aspect of it, clothing featuring your service-based business also adds quality of professionalism.  Your employees wearing a uniform show your customers that they are part of a team, and stand behind the work performed.

Letting your apparel market your product or service, day after day, is an easy win for your company. When you want to get the word out on a current special offer, promotion, or an event, custom t-shirts are a great advertising tool. Also, at networking events and conferences, clothing with your brand on it will help you stand out in a sea of suits. Wearing branded clothing is a wonderful way to attract questions and conversations about your company, and even to attract talents for potential recruiting.

A lot of our regular customers, such as local businesses and organizations, come to us for their custom T-shirt printing from Lancaster PA and surrounding areas. At the end of the day, business owners and their staff have to wear clothes, so why not put them to work?

As a screen printer, at BIGPlanetApparel we do more than custom t-shirt printing; our silk screen printing services include just about anything, from polo shirts, to aprons, to hoodies, to tote bags and much more!

While we are proud to be local to Lancaster, PA, we are here to help you if you’re on the other side of the country, even the other side of the globe. And, we always strive to stay competitively priced on all the products we offer.

If you’re looking for high quality apparel screen printing, give BigPlanetApparel a call today and let our friendly and skilled team members help you with custom designs, so you and your team can wear your brand with pride.

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