Have you Heard?

Have you Heard?

BigPlanet Apparel is excited to announce, we just got a new automatic printing press!

It’s the ROQ Dry Run 9000m. The new press is environmentally friendly. It even uses less power than our old one. ROQ International is a socially responsible company. Their vision of a greener planet aligns with our pledge to social responsibility.

With this new press, BigPlanet Apparel can now print approximately 300-400 shirts per hour. This will have a huge impact on our business with speed and efficiency. The ROQ will allow us to better meet our 3-5 business day turnaround time for our customers and take us to the next level.

This automatic printing press has a multi-print mode feature. We can program up to 9 colors at a time. It has 8 heads and 10 pallets. We have the ability to program each head with a different print for our customers. BigPlanet Apparel can now print 10 shirts at a time with the 10 different pallets. The amazing features of the new press will allow us to process multiple jobs at a time now.

We’re eager and optimistic for this next chapter at BigPlanet Apparel. We’re happy to share it with all of our current customers and the future ones.