Embroidery Services? We Have You Covered!

If you or your company are in need of Embroidery Services, look no further!

Embroidery comes from the French word broderie, meaning embellishment. Since the production of fabric, embroidery has existed in various forms. The art of embroidery is practiced worldwide and can be traced back as far as 30,000 B.C.

In 18th century England and its colonies, embroidery was an art marking a girl’s passage into womanhood. This skill also conveyed their status and social standing. The first embroidery machine was developed during the Industrial Revolution. The earliest machine dates back to the mid-1800’s and was found in France. It utilized a combination and hand embroidery and machine looms. This was the beginning of mass production and forever changed the industry.

Around 1900, embroidery became more well-known with the help of mail order catalogs. It was no longer just a pastime of the upper class and women.

While today’s embroidery looks different, it can easily make your business apparel more professional and personalized. Working with you, BigPlanetApparel takes your digital design and translates it into a digital image that maps out every stitch. We personally assist you with the thread design to best match your design’s colors.

Once we finalize the digital design and thread selection with you, the digital file is loaded into our embroidery machine to sew your design or logo. One by one, each individual garment is prepared with a process called “hooping.” This very important process, stabilizes the fabric of the garment. “Hooping” provides the tension that is needed to secure that each piece is embroidered in the exact place and position you desire.

When the garment is in position, we begin stitching your design or logo onto the fabric. Depending on the total number of stitches and the intricacy of your design or logo, production times may vary. Once everything is complete, we delicately trim any stray threads and inspect each piece to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards that our clients expect.

Hats, polos, jackets, and many other sturdy textiles are ideal candidates for standard embroidery. Please ask us about our 3D embroidery and patch application if you really want to embellish your design or logo and stand out from the crowd. Embroidering a logo adds texture and depth to the garment, while personalizing your business apparel. Most importantly, it radiates professionalism and class for your brand.

Allow BigPlanetApparel to be a part of your journey in creating your brand awareness. Ask us about our Embroidery services today.