One of the oldest forms of decorating clothing is embroidery.  Either done by hand or commercially, embroidery can easily make your business’ apparel look professional and personalized.  Although your logo or other designs can be screen printed in a variety of colors onto garments, embroidery adds the element of texture.  Having your logo embroidered makes it unique, durable and more eye-catching.

What is the embroidery process?

  1. Digital Design – Your uploaded design will be translated into a digital image that maps out each stitch. You’ll be given a digital proof so you can see exactly how it will appear on garments before they are embroidered.

  2. Thread Selection – Together, we chose threads to match your design’s colors. Then, we load the digital file into the embroidery machine so it knows exactly what to sew where.

  3. Hooping – Each individual garment is prepared for the embroidery machine with a process called “hooping.” This process stabilizes the fabric and provides the needed tension to ensure that each piece is properly embroidered in the right place and position.

  4. Stitching – At the simple push of a button, our embroidery machines will begin stitching your design onto your chosen garments. Production times vary based on the number of stitches and the overall complexity of the design.

  5. Finishing Touches – Once your design in embroidered, we carefully trim away any stray threads and review each piece to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards.

Standard embroidery is ideal for hats, polos, jackets and other sturdy materials.  We also offer 3D embroidery and patch application to really dress up your garment.  Embroidering a logo not only gives texture and depth, but most of all, it adds a touch of class and professionalism.  Allow BigPlanetApparel to help you create brand awareness and send the message that your company is worth it.