A tried-and-true way of t-shirt printing is screen printing.  This popular “old school” method of printing is ideal for large batches of simple designs with few colors.  However, if you have a more intricate design or logo with many colors, you may want to consider the up-and-coming method of t-shirt printing called Direct-to-garment (DTG). 

Unlike typical screen printing, where special woven screens are made for each element of your design, DTG uses a specialized printer to directly print onto your shirt.  Screen printing applies the ink directly on top of the fabric, so it will feel raised on your shirt.  DTG sprays the ink onto your garment, allowing it to soak into the fibers of the fabric.  DTG is as seamless as printing on paper, but on clothing instead. 

DTG printing is machine dependent, averaging 30-60 garments per hour.  Therefore, DTG is ideal for small orders and one-off pieces.  Screen printing can average upwards of 1,000 garments per hour and is best for large orders because of the faster turnaround time.  It is not cost effective to screen print small orders because of the work involved to create the screens and man the process. 

If you have a small project and cannot meet minimum quantities that most screen printers have set in place, DTG printing is the answer.  Direct-to-garment printing offers extensive color options and has the capability to print custom and intricate designs.  Allow Big Planet Apparel to help deliver beautiful, high-quality printed garments that are sure to impress you and your customers.  No matter the size or quantity of your project, Big Planet Apparel looks forward to serving you and providing you with custom printing services that exceeds your expectations!