Are You Ready For Winter?

Are you and your team ready for the winter months ahead? The snow, sleet, wind and ice will be here before you know it. It’s important to keep winter safety in mind, especially with your company apparel. Temperature changes and winter conditions affect us more than we think. Make sure your crew stays warm all season long with new winter weather apparel.

Does your team work outside during the winter months? Are they in and out of client’s homes/buildings? Ice, snow and winter winds can put employees at risk. If it is raining/snowing/sleeting, make sure you and your crew look professional while interacting with your customers. Be prepared for the challenges and conditions your employees may face on the job.

Temperatures do not have to be low to cause injury. Dehydration occurs quickly as well. Layering clothing slows down employees during working tasks. To ensure your employees have everything they need to work safely this upcoming winter season, be sure they have the right apparel for the job. The right apparel is just part of the preparation!

It’s important to think about winter fabrics for your apparel. Our bodies work harder in the winter. Uncomplicated tasks can take employees longer and can often involve more effort. Many winter fabrics wick away sweat. Moisture wicking materials moves the sweat your body creates away so it can evaporate and dry quickly.

Remember, there is a difference between sweat-wicking fabrics and breathable fabrics. Breathable fabrics only allow air to pass through more freely. Sweat-wicking fabrics actually pull any moisture away from your body through the fabric. Depending on the needs of you and your crew, the fabric you choose can make a difference in their performance.

Some of the best moisture wicking fabrics are Polyester, Polypropylene, Merino Wool, Wool, Nylon, Micromodal, and Bamboo. Picking a moisture wicking fabric will secure dryness for your company all winter long. When your skin is wet, your body works much harder to stay or get warm. Moisture is the enemy. Fabrics that wick away moisture are made with fibres that naturally have structures to repel moisture and avert absorption.

Bamboo fabric has benefits many have never thought about. It’s moisture wicking, odor resistant, hypoallergenic and offers natural sun protection. Since it is a plant based fabric, it’s environmentally sustainable too.

BigPlanet Apparel has all the gear you need to ensure your business runs smoothly all season long. We want you and your team to be comfortable, warm and most importantly looking great for the winter months ahead. We have a wide array of apparel for you to choose from such as Jackets, Raincoats, Sweatshirts, Hats, Scarfs and much more! BigPlanet Apparel works with industry leading brands such as Carhardt, Under Armour, Gilden, Anvil, etc. Whether you’re looking for water resistant apparel, wind resistant apparel, or both. Don’t forget, we offer Embroidery Services and Direct to Garment printing too!